Exam Board Information

Exam Board Information

Joint Council for Qualifications – JCQ (AQA, OCR, Pearson, City & Guilds, CEA, WJEC CBAC)

September 2016 - This is a centre delegated arrangement. It must be the candidate's normal way of working in class and/or mock examinations. No evidence required. It can be used in the reading section of English GCSE where a human reader isn't allowed.

Cambridge International Examinations – CIE

September 2016 - A computer reader or reading pen is a Group 2 AA and is centre delegated. Use Form 4 to notify CIE of students who use the pen. Reading pens are allowed in the English GCSE reading section. A permitted examination reading pen will not have an in-built dictionary or thesaurus, or data storage facility. All pens must be checked before the examination to ensure they comply with these requirements.

Key Stage 2 SATs

The Exam Pen is allowed in to be used in Key Stage 2 SATs, without prior permission, as long as it is:

  • normal classroom practice and schools have evidence to show this
  • the equipment is used on a one-to-one basis, preferably in a separate room to the rest of the cohort

It is not allowed for the English Reading section.

Scottish Qualifications Authority - SQA

October 2016 - Under current SQA guidance, a centre would need to submit a request to SQA for a candidate to be allowed to use a EXAM PEN (this is a pen without a dictionary or storage) in an external examination. 

International Baccalaureate – IB

March 2017 – Apply to IB for authorisation

International Baccalaureate CAREER RELATED PROGRAMME

October 2016 - For the internal assessment 'speech functions' are permitted which can include digital Reading Pens

Common Entrance - CE

Common Entrance recommends JCQ regs are followed, but also asks junior schools to check with the child's potential senior school.

National Open College Network –NOCN

December 2015 - NOCN would consider allowing the Reading Pen  to be used if it is the normal way of working for an individual.

City & Guilds

The Exam Pen can be used without prior permission from City & Guilds.

Functional Skills

An Exam Pen is permitted without prior approval. 

Business and Technology Education Council – BTEC

Follows JCQ Regulations – see above

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