Wizcomtech proudly announces WizcomReader

It’s the perfect software solution for reading, pronunciation and professional translation.

WizcomReader is a unique software solution for reading and it also includes a speller and syllable divider.

WizcomReader increases reading comprehension and improves learning and fluency.

The benefits of WizcomReader :

  • the only reading software that combines text to speech and instant, word for word translation.
  • the only reading software that spells the selected word in a natural voice and also highlights each spoken letter.
  • the only reading software that displays and reads the selected word’s syllables in a natural voice.

WizcomReader has been designed:

1. For people needing to improve their reading fluency, enhance their vocabulary and increase comprehension

2. To help students with learning difficulties by improving their reading and spelling skills. For dyslexics both reading and spelling are often challenging.

Wizcomtech has been a leader in providing solutions for reading and translation of printed text for over 10 years, now. In light of our customer’s great demand we’ve launched WizcomReader.

For a free trial version please go to the following link: OR get its brochure

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