ReadingPen improvement for the US market

Wizcomtech is proud to introduce the improved ReadingPen for the US market.

The improved ReadingPen contains modified TTS engine. The scanned text is now converted into more natural-sounding speech. Users can enhance the reading experience and improve reading comprehension easily with the improved text to speech engine.

The ReadingPen also contains:

  • Selected scanned word is displayed in large characters.
  • Syllabification - displays syllable breaks of the scanned word. This feature found to be very helpful for children and adult with reading difficulties.
  • Spell out – each scanned word can be spelled out letter-by-letter.
  • Definition read aloud – the ReadingPen reads aloud the entire definition of the scanned word.
  • History of the last 80 words scanned – the ReadingPen retains the last 80 words for easy review.
  • Definitions, translations, synonyms and antonyms – the ReadingPen contains several dictionaries and thesaurus. User may choose with one click which information he would like to view.

Wizcomtech ReadingPen is the ultimate tool for school/universities tasks at home or for exams.

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