Wizcomtech is rebranding!

We are excited to announce that Wizcomtech is rebranding!

Wizcomtech, a pioneer and the largest producers in the scanning pen industry worldwide. We build reading devices in many languages, that are used as assistive technology for children and adults with reading difficulties.

he new logo was designed to create a bond between the customer and Wizcomtech. It’s easy to read and modern. The gap in the circle represents a missing link between the customer and their reading abilities, which Wizcomtech fills.

The new logo expresses the vision and goals of our company. The W in the middle of the circle makes a strong statement about who Wizcomtech is, and that we are an essential component to the customers’ needs. Wizcomtech focuses on creating comprehensive solutions that would help students build academic confidence, enable independent learning and test-taking, while keeping students engaged.

“The Freedom to Read” is our new slogan which represents our belief that reading skill is essential for success.

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