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Using the Pen

Using the Pen

When you delete data, such as Notes files, from your Pen, the area that was used by the data is not actually deleted from the flash memory and is left as "dead space". The Optimize Pen File System option in the Desktop application enables you to free up those areas on the Pen's flash memory that are no longer being used by application data.

To use this option:

  1. Turn your Pen on and select PC-Controlled Communications from the Pen Main Menu (Enter Upgrade Mode on the QuickLink-Pen Elite).
  2. Launch the Desktop application and select Optimize Pen File System from the Pen Communications menu. A progress bar appears on the computer that displays the progress of the optimization process.
  3. If you receive an error message, make sure the communications are working correctly between the Pen and the computer. Run the Communications Wizard (from the Desktop Help menu) to check the communications.
  4. When the process is complete, click OK.

Note: Do NOT abort the Optimize Pen File System process before it is completed. Failure to complete the process may result in the loss of all data from your Pen.

You can also select Compact Memory from Information in the Pen Main Menu.

The Inverse option should only be used when scanning light text on a dark background (ie white text on a black background). You can see when the Pen is set to Inverse as both the cursor Inverse cursor and the language settings indicator Inverse language settings indicator appear inverted.

Check the scanning settings within the application by tapping on the Settings Settings icon option on the application toolbar. If there is a checkmark next to the Inverse option Settings option checked, tap on the checkmark to deactivate Inverse and to return to regular scanning.

Inverse should only be used when scanning light text on a dark background (ie white text on a black background).

To turn off Inverse from within the Quicktionary or Readingpen applications (If Inverse is on, you will see an "A" on the screen when you first turn the Quicktionary on):

  1. Press ESC and scroll to Preferences.
  2. Press ENT and scroll down to Inverse. You will see a checkmark next to the setting.
  3. Press ENT to remove the checkmark
  4. Press ESC twice to return to the Quicktionary scanning screen.

To turn off Inverse or Numeric in all other applications:

  1. From the scanning screen, press ESC to access the Edit Menu. If you are using an application where the entire text field is highlighted, press ENT to reveal the blinking cursor and then press ESC.
  2. Scroll down to Scanning Options and press ENT.
  3. Press ENT to uncheck the Numeric/Inverse options.
  4. Press ESC to return to the scanning screen.

Your Pen will turn itself off automatically after a given period of idle time (i.e., when it is not being used) in order to protect the Pen and preserve the batteries. This feature is called Auto Shut-Off and can be adjusted from within the Preferences or Settings option in the Pen Main Menu.

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