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Pen-PC Communications

Pen-PC Communications

If you have bought a Pen with a USB cable for PC connectivity, or if you have upgraded your Pen with an MEK and are having trouble establishing communications between your Pen and PC, it may be that your Pen and PC settings are incorrect, or that the USB driver has not been installed correctly.

Download the following document to help you establish communications between your Pen and PC.

Download Pen-PC Communications Troubleshooter.


In order to check if the Pen and PC are communicating you should access the Communication Wizard from the Desktop application. The wizard will check your Pen and Desktop settings to see if they are configured correctly and then will attempt to establish communications.

The Communications Wizard can be accessed from the Help menu on the Menu Bar of the Desktop application.

If the Communications Wizard cannot establish communications (you receive an error message), download the document below to check that all communications settings are correct.

Download Pen-PC Communications Troubleshooter.

The drivers are available in the downloads section of the website. 

To install the USB driver:

  1. Do not connect the USB cable to the PC until after you have completed the driver installation.
  2. Run the driver installation from one of the above links.
  3. Once the installation is complete, connect the USB cable to the PC and check that the prolific driver has been installed correctly.

To check if the driver has been installed correctly:

On your PC go to Start/Setting/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager.

  • If the driver hashas been installed correctly, the "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port" should appear under Ports in the Device Manager when the cable is connected to the PC. If the cable isn't connected, it won't appear.
  • If you can't see the driver in the Device Manager, reinstall the driver. If at any stage you are requested to restart the computer, do so before continuing the installation.

You will need to buy a USB to 9-pin serial converter cable.  

We use the Prolific USB-to-Serial cable which is available either at our online store -the USB Cable Round Plug, or through most of our distributors. 

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