Yes! The exam pens are fantastic.

Review by Maria

Overall Opinion:

Yes! The exam pens are fantastic. We ordered our first batch in March last academic year, and we had 12 users immediately, who all found them fantastic. I understand that you don't need the same evidence for a reader
pen as you would for a reader, and whilst not cheap, they end up cheaper than having a reader and a room for a run of GCSEs or A levels for each student, plus they can be used for different students time after time
(although you may want to clean the earphones or ask them to bring their own!!).

I couldn't recommend them highly enough (and now I hope I get a cut of their profits for this glowing review!!!)

Good luck them.

Learning Development Department (Posted on 08/12/2014)

students gain greater confidence

Review by Kate Jones

Overall Opinion:

‘Our students gain greater confidence as they can use the pen to 'check' words and therefore feel more confident that they are answering appropriately.’

Kate Jones,
Thetford Grammar School (Posted on 26/09/2014)

It's really useful for Maths exams

Review by Jamie Lowe

Overall Opinion:

‘It's really useful for Maths exams where a human reader is not all that useful.’

Jamie Lowe,
ead of Learning Support,
Bedstone College (Posted on 26/09/2014)

It gave our student more confidence

Review by Kaye Edgell,

Overall Opinion:

‘It gave our student more confidence, particularly in English. This extra confidence would have helped improve his performance in his GCSEs as he is autistic and worried a lot about his reading ability. This boost would have helped him enormously.’

Kaye Edgell,
Exams Officer,
St Mark's Church of England Secondary School (Posted on 26/09/2014)

Absolutely invaluable

Review by Sue Lancaster

Overall Opinion


‘Absolutely invaluable - not just for academic achievement but for self-esteem.’

Sue Lancaster,
Head of Learning Development, Queen Ethelburga's (Posted on 26/09/2014)

Our Year 10s love them

Review by Lizzie Hemsley

Overall Opinion

‘Our Year 10s love them. It is so much easier for them to use and they don't feel intimidated by having a reader next to them who is usually someone they are not familiar with.’

Lizzie Hemsley,
Exams Office,
Bishop Luffa School (Posted on 26/09/2014)

This article was published in B.D.A. Dyslexia Contact magazine, January 2014

Review by British Dyslexia Association

Overall Opinion

Wizcom Exam Pen Review.

Abi James, New Technologies Committee Chair.

The Wizcom Exam Pen is a version of their Reading Pen. This special edition has been produced to comply with the latest Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) exam access arrangements. This now allows the Exam Pen to be used to support candidates who are able to use the “Read Aloud” arrangements, or for those who qualify for a human or computer reader (including in exams that assess reading).

The Exam Pen unit is shaped like, and held similarly to, a pen. The nib end consists of 2 rollers and the scanner. The pen is moved over printed text like a highlighter pen, with the text aligned between the 2 rollers. The word (or words) then appears on the screen and is read aloud with a computerised voice. The voice is heard through the in-built speaker, or by connecting earphones (supplied with the pen). To enable its use in exams, the Exam Pen does not provide any dictionary definitions, or save scanned words.

The option of using an Exam Pen in assessments may provide a discreet solution for some candidates who would need assistance with recognising words. However, as it relies on scanning and recognising text, there is a risk that not all words will be recognised and spoken correctly. Therefore we would recommend that it is only used by candidates who need to check the odd word or phrase, and are able to recognise if the word is scanned incorrectly.

It is also very important that candidates practise with the pen on past papers, as it can take time to develop the correct method of scanning accurately. The pen comes with a training guide and a foot which fits to the nib of the pen and aids with correctly positioning. It is particularly important that pen nib is kept upright and is moved over the text in a consistent speed. It is also helpful to start scanning from the end of the previous word, so that the scanner picks up the blank space and the beginning of the word to be read aloud.

The Exam Pen is available from Scanning pens for £190 per pen.

(Posted on 14/07/2014)

Our pupil who is using the pen is very pleased with it.

Review by A Power

Overall Opinion

Our pupil who is using the pen is very pleased with it. I am now thinking about how to best use it for the school and for exams. The real benefit is that now we won't need to request a PDF version of the exam, or go through the hassle of early opening to scan it and load it onto the pupil's laptop. He will be able to use the pen to decode just the words he doesn't understand or can't read which will be a huge time saver. It also means he will have only one document open on his laptop to produce answers and can use the hard copy of the exam only.

A. Power,
Head of Learning Support, London

Review of Exam Pen 27/09/2013

Review of Exam Pen 27/09/2013

Review by J.Davis 

Overall Opinion:

The pen has been on loan to me for approximately two weeks. During this time I organised a group of four year 11 students to come and test out the pen and also borrow it to use in lessons.
In addition it has been on loaned to student support, literacy support and hearing support. Teaching staff have also been invited to have a go.

Out Come
Students felt it was a very useful tool and would like to use it more in lessons.
They could see the use of it for short question reading in exams and odd word reading, but not long passages as there is a delay from scanning to reading and this could slow them down.
They also made a valuable point that it does not proof read for them something that traditionally a reader would do.
They liked the fact it was small and discrete and was easy to use in lessons without drawing too much attention.
Teachers could see the value to helping a student be more independent and welcomed the use of it in English exams were a human reader is not possible.
Students also expressed the benefit of being in control and not having someone sat next to them watching what they are doing.

To Conclude
As an exam tool it does have its place. In maths and short answer question papers it would be invaluable.
For longer essays where proof reading may be needed I would still see a place for the pen but also support it with one reader to 4 students for hands up help with proof reading.
For exams where there is a large passage to read, then the pen would only be of use to those students that are borderline readers, who would only need it to scan occasional words. Due to the slowness of the pen there is a loss of time and context when trying to read a longer passage.
It also has a use in lessons and it would be recommended for students to use it in lessons first so they are familiar with the pen prior to exams.
When used in maths exams it will read numbers, but does do strange things with symbols and equations. This I was expecting and as with regulations we are not allowed to read equations to students. So I think with training the students will become familiar with this and it won’t detriment their ability to use the pen effectively in exams.

SEN. exams coordinator,
Devon (Posted on 27/09/2013)

A great product

Review by Steven E

Overall Opinion:

We have tried this out with the students who have a reader only for exams and most found it very useful. "It's like Christmas has arrived early," one girl said! The only negative is that the earphones don't fit into the pen's box (hence why 4 stars not 5). All in all a great product.

Steven England
Exams and Cover Manager,
Exeter (Posted on 15/10/2013)

Great product for short sentences

Review by ADB

Overall Opinion:

The Exampen is great way to have a reader in lessons and in the exams. I found it really useful when one of my readers in a mock exam didn’t turn up straight away.

One of the main reasons why I like the Exampen is for short sentences that you can just scan and have it read out without using a reader. It also helps when you don’t understand short sentences it sometimes makes it a bit clearer.

The only down side of it is that it will only do one line at a time so you need a reader when you have a lot to read.

JJ Social Slider